Life Groups

Life Groups are where the life of the Church happens!

Life Groups are groups of people that share similar backgrounds and life stages. These groups gather together each Sunday in order to help each other live out the Christian life together. People in Life Groups meet together to:

  • Deepen their relationships with each other.
  • Grow in their understanding and practice of the Christian faith.
  • Serve each other, the community, and the world through ministry and missions.

Life Groups for every age and stage of life!

You can choose a Life Group based on your life stage, family situation, or friends that you already know. Look below to find the group that's right for you. Join a group today!

Life Groups

*All Birth-2 year olds meet in 9:00 and 10:30 hours on 1st floor Ellis Hall

*All 3-5 year olds meet in 9:00 and 10:30 hours on 2nd floor Ellis Hall

*Grades 1-6 meet in 9:00 and 10:30 hours on 3rd floor Ellis Hall

*Grades 7-12 meet in 9:00 and 10:30 hours in The Hangar


8:00 AM 50's-70's Annex 105 Richard Cook/Wendell Johnston
50's-70's Annex 106 Shane Smith



9:00 AM 20's-30's Annex 109 Chris Weaver
30's-40's Annex 207 Casey Carter
30's-40's CLC 202 Roger Graves
20's-50's Women Only Annex 210 Sissy Whittington
40's-50's Annex 206 Chris Williams
40's-50's Annex 202 Dan Lewman
50's-60's Annex 208 Bill Brewer
50's-70's Annex 106

Mark Wallace/Rodney Thomas/Stuart Hemphill/Ron Craddock

60's-70's Annex 105 Stan McMorris
60's70's CLC 203 Keith Lott/Dale Hughes
50's-70's Women Only Annex 104 Eloise Bolian/Mona Wise
70+ Women Annex 101 Charleen Newcomb
70+ Men Annex 102 Oliver Young/Luke Brewer


10:30 College The Hangar Josh & Brittany Bass/Joey & Barbie Roberson
20's CLC 204 Rocky & Kassie Boyd
20's-30's Annex 208 Ron & Keri Wilson
30's-50's CLC 202 Will Duncan
30's-50's Annex 206 Stephen Smith/Charles Beene
30's-50's Annex 201 Randy Jackson
50's-70's Annex 105 Scott Thompson/Tim Leonard
50's-70's Annex 106 Shane Smith
60's-80's Annex 103 Mel Arnold
70+ Women Annex 107 Gwen May/Belinda Jones/Lucy Watts
70+ Men Annex 102 Dale Watts